About Barbara-​I have been an active fundraiser for a number of years helping children and their families, and abused and abandoned animals. My heart became extremely touched by the work of these canines ensuring the safety of our military men and women.  My mission is to provide life-saving armour and other safety equipment to our local K9 units who protect and serve our community.

K9 Equipment Needed

Oro Valley Police-Officer Reynolds & Bruno

About Michelle - ​I have been a fundraiser for many years, and have loved animals my entire life. When Barbara approached me with this idea I knew it was a perfect fit, and my rescued German Shepherd agreed. Thank you in advance for all of your support and I look forward to seeing you at a future event!


Barbara with Officer Reynolds and Bruno from Oro Valley Police Department.

  • Vet Insurance Premiums Covered by Embrace Pet Insurance*** 
  • Recon Scout Throwbot *** - It is the world's first throwable, mobile reconnaissance robot with the capacity of seeing in complete darkness. It is used to gain knowledge of an environment before sending in personnel.
  • K9 Heat Alert & Deployment Systems *** -  Specifically designed for the K9's safety during transport in the officer's vehicle. 
  • ​First Aid Kits ***
  • ​​Bite Suits and Sleeves
  • Cooling Armor Vests
  • Canine Oxygen Masks
  • Pepper Guns
  • ​K9 Handler Kits
  • Tactical Gear
  • Dog Harnesses and Muzzles
  • Camera Mount System for Dog Harness
  • K9 Transport
  • Kennels and Accessories
  • Bowls, Pails, Food Storage
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Dog collars, leashes, and lines
  • Dog e-Collars
  • Tugs, Balls, Toys and Rewards

*** First Priority